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Re: Re: FCB "Direct Select" ? (was: Posting my looping rig's specification s)

> I'm always curious about how others organize their real-time looping  
> flow. Thanks for sharing! Are you bringing a paper print-out of your  

I'll just throw in my setup here (note that I haven't worked on it for a 
long time, so I might make some changes sometime):
A total of four banks for Mobius.

Bank 1: Transport, Track/Loop switching
Copy SusNextLoop NextLoop Pause NextTrack
Bounce Retrigger PrevLoop Realign PrevTrack
Pedals: Volume, SecFB

Bank 2: Standard Looping
Record Insert Speed Redo NextLoop
Overdub Multiply Reverse Undo Mute
Pedals: Volume, SecFB

Bank 3: Advanced Looping
Shuffle RateUp SusSpeed SlipFwd SusReplace
Rate0 RateDown SusReverse SlipBack Stutter
Pedals: Volume, SecFB

Bank 4: "Guitar Combo"
Record NextLoop Speed Mute NextTrack
Overdub Multiply Reverse Undo PrevTrack
Pedals: Guitar Volume, Guitar Wah

Then there's the computer keyboard used to select/mute individual tracks, 
adjusting PrimaryFB, Panning, switching between my most used quantize, 
sync, sus and shuffle settings, MIDI Start/Stop, Master/Global Reset, 
changing parameters ("cursor style") and a few scripts.

I don't use direct select, if that is the mode where each action is a 
sequence of two presses of 0-10, the first for bank, the second for patch 
within the bank.