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Re: Posting my looping rig's specifications

On 7 okt 2007, at 18.12, Qua Veda wrote:

> Hi Per
> Thanks for the great tutorial.   Can you describe how you control  
> all the
> parameters?  Do you use a mouse? Midi faders, midi foot controller,  
> all of
> the above?

I do not control any parameters of the plug-ins, if that is what you  
mean. All 16 chains are saved with carefully tuned parameter presets.  
Dynamic effects as filter sweeps, delays and tremolo are all  
automatically hooking up to whatever tempo I'm looping in. I  
sometimes change tempo while playing, by the Record-Record action we  
discussed yesterday, which means eventually beat syncing plug-ins in  
use will instantly adapt to the new tempo. However some parameter  
values are linked to the audio input level, so you could put that I'm  
"controlling them" by my instrument playing.

As for Mobius, I use a FCB1010 pedal to give all the necessary  
commands and sometimes change feedback level. Some commands of the  
FCB1010 are duplicated on the laptop keys. I'm not using much of  
Mobius total capacity, only a handful commands that I picked for the  
processing I want to do.

On the FCB I use 6 banks for looper commands and 2 banks for calling  
up effect chains.

On 7 okt 2007, at 18.22, eterogeneo wrote:
> Thanks for sharing your setup, Per: it's interesting how you work  
> to get a
> good bass sound...

For a bass sound I like to record into a pitched-up loop and then  
pitch it back down. Especially when playing fretless guitar or flute  
the resulting such down-pitched bass tones come out well to my taste.  
As for you, being a piano player, I guess you can create good  
sounding bass notes directly on your instrument?

> With short loops, it's very easy to get some rythmic textures (a la  
> Alva
> Noto or Fennez).
> Have you taste something similar ?

Yep, I like that music too (keep Fennez on my iPod for instant  
access ;-)  I like to sometimes start out with two or three empty  
loops of different length by a relation that will produce interesting  
poly rhythm. For example 1.0 - 1.5 - 1.75. Then I build up a groove  
by SUSSubstituting into all three loops simultaneously (from the lead  
melody). One such short inserted note will sound three times when  
looping back. I combine this with a "punch-in-bass" script that  
pitches up the loop one octave and SUSSubstitutes half the set 16ths  
Per Cycle value and also brings down the loops rate a bit under the  
normal pitch to compensate for the loop going faster when pitched up  
(this is for not loosing the timing).

Generally I have four main setups for Mobius, with different 16ths  
Per Cycle settings that lends them well for playing in 4/4, 4/5, 6/8  
and 7/8 timing measure. Many of my "sequenced processing" scripts are  
rewritten into four versions to match each timing measure. So it  
becomes a rather different experience to use the same looping tricks  
in different timing measures.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)