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RE: Posting my looping rig's specifications

Hi Per
Thanks for the great tutorial.   Can you describe how you control all the
parameters?  Do you use a mouse? Midi faders, midi foot controller, all of
the above?


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From: Per Boysen [mailto:perboysen@gmail.com] 
Sent: Sunday, October 07, 2007 6:13 AM
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Subject: Posting my looping rig's specifications

Hi everyone,

Since many of us are going to meet at the upcoming festival I'd like  
to post the specifications of my looper online, because I can think  
of a lot more interesting things that I'd like to to talk about when  
meeting everyone IRL :-)

When using a highly configurable software looper like Mobius it's not  
as easily described as simply giving the brand of a preferred  
hardware looper. I think Mobius is the best looper available because  
it is so configurable. At the same time I'm hearing complains about  
Mobius, coming from new users that wants it to be "easier", which in  
my ears translates into "less configurable" and in my worst  
nightmares as "dumbed down" ;-)  I'm hoping Mobius will continue to  
be an open system that a user can configure according to his own  
ideas in order to explore new directions in looping.

The setup is basically very simple:
- Audio input,
- EQ rolling off bass and lifting treble,
- 16 alternative effect chains to play through,
- The Mobius looper,
- EQ rolling off bass,
- Stereo compression,
- Audio output.

I have taken three screen-shots for illustration. This one shows the  
concert setup:
and here's the concert setup with EQ settings visible:

The reason I cut out bass at the input is that I'm creating bass  
lines by pitching down loops I record. The signal would be way too  
boomy for summing into loop layers if I didn't do this. The reason I  
cut out sub bass after summing all loops into a stereo signal is that  
this makes the output stage compressor dynamically work in a nice  
way. If letting sub bass into the compressor even frequencies that  
are too low for the PA to play back would affect the rest of the  
sounding material in a bad way (would sound "flickery" instead of a  
steady groove). Balancing frequencies through all effect treatments  
into the final compression is also about balancing all this against  
the live audio input. The FireFace400 allows me to fine-tune all  
three live audio inputs I'm using to control the compression of the  
entire mix by my live playing input.

The third screenshot is the recording setup. It's exactly the same as  
the concert setup but without the final compressing and also  
outputting Mobius track's as separate channels to be recorded  

I hope someone may find inspiration in reading this (I know I would  
myself, some years back).

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)