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RE: another survey (wasRe: OT, but getting close to not-OT: guitar/sax improv sessions)

> 1) how many people on the list do solo non looping gigs?

So far, my only live performances have been at local open mics -  solo
Stick, no looping. I've played/sung, and I've played prerecorded found
sounds which I've accompanied on Stick.    

> 2) "the beauty of the single not line" - how many guitar players/  

> of multitimbral instruments can do an improv. gig using only  single 
> lines and hold an audiences attention? for how long?

I tend to play single note melody lines, arpeggios and chords. Not able to
improv, unless I'm noodling at home.

> 3) if you're not comfortable doing this, is that because of  preference 
> (ie: vertical vs. linear hearing)?  Being raised on a  particular 
> instrument?  Or did you gravitate towards your preferred  instrument due 
> to how you hear things?

Being a novice musician (attempted to learn to play music for the first 
in my life a few years ago). No formal training. I simply do the best I 
I hear things in far more complex ways than I'm capable of performing. I'm
planning some experimental/looping/computer projects with surround audio,
but might be awhile before I could perform them live - but that's my goal.