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Re: OT: Found sounds, contact mic recommendation

you can make your own contact mic...


Or, maybe get one of those clip on lapel mics and clip it to the
string.  That might pick up the vibrations and give you some
interesting sounds.



On 10/1/07, Veda, Qua <qua.veda@intel.com> wrote:
> I'd like to record some found sounds by mic'ing a string connected to
> various items.   The string would have some tension in it.   I'm 
> sandwiching the string between a contact mic and a hard object , or maybe
> between two contact mics.
> Any recommendations of what kind of mic could be used to do this?
> In the meantime, here is a fun musical piece using recordings of gargling
> and splashing in a bath tub
> http://www.waterdogstudio.com/bowl/
> -Qua