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Re: Recommended MIDI Cables for Behringer FCB

Well, these sockets are beyond tight, relative to the size of the pins of 
thes MIDI cables I have. In fact, I'm on the verge of damaging the FCB 
input pin holes because of it. WD40 isn't going to do the job either There 
are clearly two degrees of narrowness of MIDI pins in the cable market. I 
have some 1 foot cables that have thinner pins that fit fine. I'll just 
to find a longer cable with those same type of pins. I was hoping someone 
could at least tell me what brand they are using, given they are not 
the same problem as I.


> Krispen Hartung wrote:
>> Can anyone recommend a good MIDI cable for the Behringer FCB? The 
>> why I ask is that all the MIDI cables I have are made by the same 
>> (HOSA I think) and the pins are too thick to fit easily into the FCB. 
>> It's frustrating. I do recall seeing MIDI cables that have pins that 
>> thinner than others. I need a good cable with that feature, so I don't 
>> end up destroying the MIDI jack of the FCB and my FW 400.
>>  Thanks,
>>  Kris
> I think Behringer simply chose a pretty tight midi socket to avoid the 
> cable getting ripped out during a performance. A good point IMHO..
> -- 
> rgds,
> van Sinn