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Re: Eventide Timefactor


Here it is
www.eventidestompboxes.com/TimeFactor_Manual.pdf -

I googled "eventide timefactor manual" and on the second page it comes up.

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Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2007 8:07 AM
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Hey Ian,
Ive been looking for the manual of the eventide and
all i find is the promo brochure can u give us a link?

--- Ian Popperwell <popperwell@iname.com> wrote:

> BlankHi, Back on the list againand good to be
> reading all the postings.
> I think that I'm convinced enough to buy the
> (relatively) new Eventide TimeFactor stomp box, I've
> read all the reviews that I can find and downloaded
> a manual - i does look so versatile and
> controllable. The thing that I've not heard mention
> of in the reviews is the looper and i wondered if
> anyone on the list has tried it and got to grips
> with it yet?
> What I know is that the looper is a short 12 second
> mono one, that's time can be halved and halved
> again. It has basic record/play/stop footswitch
> control and you can adjust the start and end points.
> It seems to respond to tap tempo, which I asume
> means that you can set a length in bars/beats then
> tap the tempo in and it will be an acurate length.
> Trouble is, in the manual other than a description
> of the controls, there's no deeper explanation .
> So, I wonder about how people find the looper in the
> Timefactor...
> -how easy it is to set up and use live,
> -if you can preset the loop length and save it as a
> programme - so having a 4bar loop, a 2bar one, a
> longer one at half speed, etc.?
> -Whether creating and working with a loop requires
> knob turning, or if these things can be preset - or
> even given over to a foot pedal?
> I also like the idea of being able to have 3
> seperate footswitches connected to save mutiple
> functions!
> Anyone got one and using it?
> Thanks.
> Ian.


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