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AW: Boss DD-20 sos

>       and what about pitch shifting capabilities on the dd20?
>       non of the hardware loopers i have can affect picht...

First of all, by "pitch shift" do you mean what DnB guys refer to as
"pitching" (which I tend to call varispeed, i.e. you change playback speed
and pitch changes accordingly) or as a pitch shift effect (pitch changes,
playback speed stays the same)?

The Repeater can do both. The DD20 can do neither of them. In fact,
according to Per's chart (http://www.looproom.com/looperchart.php), the
Repeater is the only hardware device which offers full varispeed/pitch
shift/timestretch control.

There are a few devices which offer varispeed: the Digitech RDS/PDS series
do this very nicely, a lot of HW loopers have halfspeed (EDP, DL4,...). But
for the whole deal...only the Repeater