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Re: "Evil Behringer"

James Richmond wrote:
> I had a Behringer MX8000 8 bus console that was returned for repair 8 
> times in 3 years.
I have an MX9000 8-bus mixer that has been flawless for three years.  I 
may be lucky or the 9000 might be a better design than the 8000.  
Certainly my console sees little use these days since I moved to using 
my computer.
> I still have a patch-bay and an ADA8000, which is a horrible sounding 
> device, unless it is externally clocked.
I use my MOTU 896HD to clock an ADA8000, making the Behringer a very 
cost effective I/O expansion box.

My recommendation regarding Behringer gear is to buy selectively.  Some 
of their line are fine sounding and built well enough.  Other are less 
so.  But the price point can hardly ever be beat.  Read reviews and user 
comments, buy carefully, and pray.