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Re: problem w/live looping using mic

Exactly, and another tip for those using multiple mics..preamps like 
some of the Aphex ones have mute switch inputs.  For the Todd Green 
setup we incorporated those in a row under the rest of his controls so 
he can mute/unmute easily with his toes from that controller.

rs@moinlabs.de wrote:

>Hi Chris,
>yes, you are right, this is a common problem, and Per already said a lot 
>about this topic, to which I only can agree. Perhaps a few other notes 
>(some of which actually overlap with Per's suggestions).
>1. Mind the geometrical arrangement of your setup. Chances are that when 
>using a guitar amp onstage, the amp is situated behind you, which makes 
>it bleed into your microphone.
>Have any speakers directed at the audience and stand in front of you. If 
>you are in need of actual monitoring, use headphones, and to be 
>completely safe here, make that either closed ones (might compromise your 
>stage outfit) or inears.
>2. Optimize the use of the microphone. If you use a handheld microphone, 
>looking for a variant which is especially resistant to feedback (e.g. by 
>providing a hypercardioid polar pattern like the Beyer M88). And when 
>holding the microphone in your hands, make sure not to obstruct the "rear 
>entrance" which would compromise the polar pattern and thus increase 
>3. Optimize your signal chain. A parametric EQ might work wonders here, 
>as you would be able to selectively address the feedback frequencies. 
>Also, the use of a dynamic processor (compressor/gate) would help to 
>bring forward your wanted signal more (thus reducing necessary overall 
>loop gain in your setup) and at the same time mute the signal when you're 
>not playing/singing.
>4. Dependant on the effects you're using, moving something behind the 
>looper could also help a little, especially if you're using very radical 
>resonant filters or similar. Of course, you have decide whether that 
>works for what you want to accomplish musically.
>All the best,
>             Rainer
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>Betreff: problem w/live looping using mic
>Gesendet: Fr, 21. Sep 2007
>Von: Chris D'Errico<clderrico@hotmail.com>
>>Greetings all...
>>I'm new to this list, & to the world of looping, but I have already run 
>>a problem that I'm hoping someone could help me with:
>>When looping vocals/harmonica in live performance-- through a PA, or 
>>amp, or both-- the microphone picks up the sound of the PA/amp & starts 
>>record itself recording loops-- sort of like a "mirror looking into a
>>mirror" effect... At low volume it's not much of a problem, but at the
>>higher volume necessary to push the sound out to an audience in a decent
>>size room, I can't stop the sound from the PA/amp from bleeding into the
>>mic. It gets worse the more layers I try to add to the loop, with the 
>>mic rerecording the sound, it eventually causes a thin, tinny, high 
>>feedback sound that destroys the process & performance. I never use 
>>because that just makes it worse-- the mic picks that up also.
>>Other singers out there who create live loops must be familiar with this
>>problem, it's got be very common. Is there any possible way to counter 
>>Any ideas on a workable set-up?
>>I use an old Shure mic into a few stompbox pedals into an Akai Headrush 
>>pedal & out to an old tube amp which has a line-out that I run into the 
>>system when needed. 
>>Thanks for your time & attention,
>>Chris D.
>>Las Vegas, Nevada 
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