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Re: Most programmable midi foot controller

Yes, alot! :-)  The manual is difficult to understand, but what it is basically trying to tell is that there are 1 FUNCTION for sending a MIDI note number and this function can then be assigned to any of the ten buttons. You can in essence set up one bank with each button sending a different MIDI note number. I use such a bank for playing "organ" with my feet.

Just remember that what the manual calls "a pad" is this "function" and not the of the physical pads on the pedal board. There are other "pads" (functions) for sending MIDI Program Change or CC data as well.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

Thanks Per,

Although I'd rather not give the oh so evil Behringer my cash, I think this might be the only way I can do it without spending significantly more money.
I might even be able to control the looper in the MPX G2 at the same time, which would mean less pedals on the board.
At $150 I guess it is worth a punt.

Cheers ppl.