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Re: Most programmable midi foot controller


I go out for a couple of hours and get a shedload of replies.
Thanks ppl.

Behringer FCB1010 - $150

  - Cheap, reasonably flexible, but large.  10 functions per bank.

    Silent switches.  

I had a look at the manual- I thought there were only 2 programmable switches that I could assign midi note numbers to it and the rest of the switches selected patch numbers.
Is it more flexible than this?
I can live without power over midi as it has an integrated powersupply.
I usually avoid Behringer due to build quality issues- how do ppl find this?

Digital Music Ground Control Pro - $400

  - Compact, rugged, expensive.  Noisy switches.  More powerful than

    the FCB in some ways, less in others.  8 or 12 functions per

    bank depending on how you configure it.

I have the original Ground Control and it is frustrating as hell as I can assign controller numbers to each of the top line of pedals BUT because they are controller numbers that you cannot specify a value for the ECHO PRO doesn't quite understand what is going on.
For Rec/Play/Overdub I have to press the button twice, which makes seemless looping a big PITA. Rev and 1/2 speed are a single press though because they do not respond differently to a 0 or 127 value.

I thought of getting the DL4 pedal version but it only has 14 secs of memory and shares a button for 1/2 speed and reverse, which is where I do most of my work with it.

I also have an ADA midi pedal but that is the one where I have to bank up and down to get to different functions.
All I want is 6 configurable buttons.
Maybe an EDP is the way to go instead?

The search continues.


Jim Richmond