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Re: user tips on Line 6 DL4

yes, there are:

most important to me: in half speed the loop length is doubled.
(might be a no-brainer)

you can record something with the looper and play it as one shot with 
you can also stutter the loop i.e. start it several times in short 

you can loop something and while you do it, step on button 4 twice.
part of your loop will be recorded double speed.
if you start the other way round, it will be half speed.

you can loop something, change speed with button 4 and record in real time 
on top of it.
if you hit button 4 again, your first loop will be right normal speed and 
your second loop half speed.

you can do the same with the reverse function - step on button 4 for a 
longer period of time.

you can also combine reverse and double speed/half speed.

here is an important info:
always make sure the buttons (i should call them switches probably) are 
screwed tight to the dl4.
if one of them falls apart, you need microsurgical talent to screw it back 
in, cause there is very little space to manouvre inside and the inner cap 
has a spring that forces the cap away from the place it is supposed to be 
screwed to.

smooth looping - tilmann

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> Hi !
> I am the owner of a line 6 dl4. Please tell me - are
> there (even with this simple looper) any good user
> tips - regarding (making interesting) looping ?
> best regards Rune F.
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