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OT: discovering new artists and music (not looping content)

Hi people,
I've just got back from my holydays...and i've found lot of e.mails from 
this list...ARGHHH !

This is just to share a new band from Spain i discovered a few months ago: 
the name is Ojos De Brujo (http://ojosdebrujo.com/)
I think that those of you who are attracted by rhythm and flamenco style 
enjoy them: there is a lot of tabla, palmas, tacones, cajon, drums and DJ 
scretch... all together. There is also a nice and hard contamination 
traditional flamenco style and funky, dub, and electronica (there is also 
DJ in the ensemble).
If you like Ojos the Brujo, i strongly raccomend their last album 
If interested, there are a lot of live performance on you tube.
You can start from here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2obwOKQQPk

Some mails from this list has shown an interest for the "east" sound; for 
example, i remeber there was a lot of talkin about tablas and other 
percussions, forgetting other nice percussions like the "cajon" . And also 
forgetting the complex rhythm of flamenco (that has a dozen of musical 
(called "palos"): buleria, solea, rumba, taranta, etc...., each one with 
own rhythm character and accents (for some examples, check this : 
In addition to the original elements of flamenco, Paco de Lucia, added 
is adding) new elements from jazz, classic, and latin music. Today there 
a lot artists adding more elements: from tango, to electronica.
That's why i love that so called "new flamenco", because is a genre that 
living an edge of growing contamination with other syles or kind of 
that i've never seen, or remember, in other musical genre.

Just to share...