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Re: [Netiquette] Use this delete button...

Out of curiousity, what is "unnecessary"? If I don't use the digest mode and delete messages after I read or reply to them, then I lose the original context of follow-on emails if everyone deletes most of the original message.  Personally, I like to see the thread of responses all in one individual email, but that is only my own preference.  So what may be time saving for the convenience of digest users may in fact be more time consuming for some non-digest users, if I have to sift through my trash can to find the original thread that someone deleted. 
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Just a quick reminder (no need to reply to this mail to the list) : could you all please erase the unnecessary parts of emails you're responding to ?

This list is the only one I know where between 50% and 90% of each digest' content is made of citations of previous emails. Erasing what's not needed just takes a few seconds and is considered basic "netiquette" everywhere, you know... :)
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