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OT fretless

  I've been pulling the frets off basses for years.I see no reason to use 
epoxy,it's not removeable and will change the resonant character of the 
wood,as it doesn't flex the same way If you think you need a hard finish,a 
standard finish from plyuerathane to nitro cullulose should work fine. As 
for filling frets slots,I used to do it but decided there's no advantage. 
for guitar one might feel the slot which col dbe ,literally a drag.  If 
you're going to fill I think it's far better to use woodglue mixed with 
dust than plastic wood filler stuff that's hard to remove. It's better to 
glue wood with stuff that has the same density /flexibility 
as the wood. High end guitar makers ,like Rick Turner eventually figured 
that the old hide glues used before modern chemistry  had distinct 
advantages andwere key to making instruments  repairable,which means 
makingthem really last ,because you can heat the glue ,and open the joints 
to work on the instruments.If you epoxy your fingerboard you'll Never get 

" thinking of
putting epoxy on the fretboard already filled the
frets with wood filler,

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