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Re: RME Firewire 800 and Guitar Amp Sim

Hi Per!

I'm primarily a clean tube amp lover, with a little crunch when I really dig in.  I love Fenderish and Voxish tones in that respect.  If I want classic "distortion", I use a stompbox or two. 

I have a lot of guitars, but most are single coil Strat-like things.  Although I do have a semi-hollow Epi Dot I love, and an HSS Godin electric.

In the end, I can get close to the tone I want with my boxes - including the clean-to-crunch preamp tones.  What becomes a pain is creating that last tone shaping step (power amp and speakers).  A VST solution would be perfect because it eliminates more outboard gear schlepping.

I see in a previous reply you mentioned going direct and then putting an EQ VST first in the chain.  Interesting.  I realize that most (all?) amp simulators are basically fancy EQs, but I'm not sure I'd know where to start in trying to emulate a guitar amp's power amp and speakers.

For what it's worth, right now I'm being lazy and just running my GT-8 into my Echo Indigo.  I love the GT-8, but it's big and heavy and no fun to transport, and it's also way more device than I need when I'm going directly into the laptop.

I'd like to find a (light CPU, hopefully free or low-cost) VST solution for this before I get to Santa Cruz. :)


On 8/27/07, Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:
On 27 aug 2007, at 22.26, Doug Cox wrote:
>  Does anyone know of a good (free?) VST that JUST does guitar
> poweramp and speaker emulation?  It would be very convenient to use
> my outboard instrument and preamp tools (ie, stompboxes) and just
> let my laptop handle the final tone shaping.  All of the "guitar
> amp simulator" VST solutions I've tried have been WAY too CPU heavy.

Maybe... not free though.  But what type of guitar sound are you
looking for? What guitar model are you going to plug into it? What

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
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