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Re: Laptop Looping


Try opening up a Terminal window
(Applications/Utilities/Terminal), then run

vm_stat 1

and look for sudden large changes in the faults,
pageins or pageout column when you get the CPU spikes.
If you see big numbers coinciding with the CPU spikes,
you need more memory (the CPU is spending time
managing virtual memory on and off disk - you'll see
increased disk activity too). Use ctrl-c to stop the
vm_stat listing after you've seen enough ;)

I must admit I don't know Mac OS X memory management
as well as some other Unixes, but usually paging is
quite benign (unless done in massive amounts) and
swapping (effectively paging entire applications in
and out of memory from disk) is the real no-no, but I
haven't turned up anything to measure swapping, only
paging. Any hints from the Mac users ?


- Tony

--- midifriedchicken@comcast.net wrote:

> It happens less with no Plug Ins (but whats the fun
> in that?), But it still happens. I pretty sure its
> just my machine. Its allergic to Bidule. 
> -------------- Original message -------------- 
> From: andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> 
> > midifriedchicken@comcast.net wrote: 
> > > I believe Bidule is the culpret because with the
> activity viewer utility 
> > > on, I can see the system requirements (which are
> shown as red dots on a 
> > > graph). There are cpu spikes that coincide with
> the dropouts that are 
> > > represented by the red parts of the graph rising
> to 100%. I've tried 
> > > this with and without SL. Same result. I tried
> it with Ableton Live and 
> > > could not replicate this. There might very well
> be something wrong with 
> > > my computer, but I dont think so. 
> > > 
> > 
> > any other plug-ins in Bidule? 
> > 

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