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Re: Help with echoplex...it records..all the time! ANyone seen thisproblem?

Hi Bob,
It's like Jon said, probably the interface mode is set to dEL (delay).

A handy thing to do when you obtain an EDP is to do a factory reset.
Hold down the Parameter button while powering on the unit.

So you're still  with that multiple EDP setup,
hope that works out.

andy butler 

Bob Weigel wrote:
> One of the echoplexes in the system we are trying to assemble has this 
> oddity it seems..well two of them had it but one got stolen apparently.  
> It was shipped to my old address :-(  Nobody knew if for a few days.
> ANyway when I boot it all seems well.  Once I hit record though, it 
> seems to work right but..after you hit record again and it loops it 
> continues to record anything you play thereafter!  and mix it in with 
> the current loop!  Without any function being hit to do that.  Since he 
> had two units do this I assume it's common problem.  Maybe even operator 
> error..I haven't looked at the manual for a while.  I don't use the 
> machines myself. -Bob