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Re: OT: motels / hotels in Seattle?

At 10:21 AM -0700 8/11/07, Rev Fever wrote:
>Since the subject of places to stay in Santa Cruz is current, does 
>anyone know of any decent and rea$onable motels / hotels there are 
>in Seattle, and ones that are not sketchy places, and also not way 
>the hell away from the central part of the city?

The corporate headquarters for the company I used to work with was on 
the waterfront just down the hill from Queen Anne, and not that far 
removed from the Seattle Center, IIRC.  I'd have to fly out for a few 
days at least once a quarter (often more).

One of the places I used to stay was over at the Marqueen, up top of 
Queen Anne.  Not always cheap, but there are times when you can get 
pretty reasonable rates if you book a bit in advance.  The prices 
used to vary pretty(!) wildly, so you might find a deal if you catch 
it right.  I used to really enjoy the rehabbed vintage furnishings a 
lot too, which is why I always preferred booking in there.

Also, at the bottom of the hill is the Homewood suites.  It's sort of 
a generic business hotel (not nearly as much character as the 
Marqueen) but you can almost always offset paying corporate rates by 
eating meals there.  They include not only breakfast, but free dinner 
on Monday - Thursday weeknights as well.  And, while it's not 4-star 
cuisine by any means, it'll certainly get you by.

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