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AW: general question about equipment

Software needs to be optimized to work on more than one core (or CPU). Most
software is not, Ableton Live version 6.0 is.
If you run e.g. Live 5.0 on a dual core machine, then it (and all of its
plugins) will only make use of one core.
This may still give you a performance improvement over a single core of the
same type, because your driver stack might be running on the other core.

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> Betreff: RE: general question about equipment
>  I believe that Kris is actually more of an expert on this, 
> but my understanding is that s/w does not need to be 
> "optimized" in any way to take
> advantage of dual-core Intel processors.   These are not like 
> using two
> totally separate processors on a motherboard.  These are 
> single processors with multiple cores. I believe the 
> microcode in the processor and chipset take care of routing 
> information to take advantage of them.