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more field recording samples to share: construction time

While I was working from home Friday morning a small bulldozer and a small 
backhoe were on the other side of the creek moving around rocks of head to 
torso size range to fill in a runoff gully. I put the M-Audio MicroTrack 
24/96 field recorder outside, adjusted the levels, and left it recording 
while I went back inside to work. An hour later I cut the recording. So:


60:00 of construction equipment and rock clattering. Oh, and a wasp.

Archived on http://www.subscapeannex.com/sounds.html

Recorded in 24-bit WAV, converted to mp3 by iTunes. No processing. Anyone 
is welcome to use these as you like for background, sampling for 
industrial music, whatever, although I'd like to know if you do. I'm 
keeping the WAV file of this for later and not posting it as its an 84MB 
mp3 and 910MB WAV file.

Steve B  Subscape Annex  http://www.subcapeannex.com/