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Re: Nerdy latency talk (was: Laptops -dedicated to music only?)

Quoting monk <monk@fuse.net>:

> FWIW -i can feel 10ms+ of latency, but i don't notice under that
> threshold nearly as much.

This concurs with my experience.  I like rhythms that are "punchy and  
precise" (despite that I play a theremin) and I found that to work  
with >10ms introduced noticeable "slop" in the rhythm.

The latency issue is a huge issue for precision theremin playing.   
Rather than create a long email, here is a link to a post on the topic  
of latency for thereminists (you will have to scroll down a bit)  
http://www.thereminworld.com/forum.asp?cmd=p&T=1391&F=780&p=17 .

The bottom line: latency has a direct effect on a thereminist's  
ability to play in tune.

-- Kevin