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Re: New Pre-Loop/Post-Loop Effect Feature of my MAX Looper

I know, I just can't seem to get a decent screen capture of my system, without the graphics program on my other computer. I have to rely on the windows screen capture function (alt prt screen, saved to tiff, and then exported to jpg. It's damn frustrating. I have an idea, though. I'll save bigger files behind the web versions, that open up in your entire screen.
Anyway, yes, I keep my gain structure consistent from patch to patch by inserting level control in each one, ensuring that each patch activated is consistent with the initial input level of the signal chain (right after adc~).  It took me a while to fine tune it. Also, the beauty of the system is all those patches at the top level are really patches containing the poly~ object, and they in turn reference the actual effect patches. Hence, when I deactivate the a poly patch, it removes the effect patch it from my signal chain and has no drain on CPU. Very slick trick, thanks to Jeff Kaiser.
I may eventually revamp my system using matrix and adding the ability to put patches in serial or parallel, but it's not a high priority right now. I actually like my patches in serial, because I can do some outrageous stacking of effects to produce totally monstrous sounds. :)
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Subject: Re: New Pre-Loop/Post-Loop Effect Feature of my MAX Looper

totally cool, krispen, but BOY is it hard to see at that resolution.  even after downloading and magnifying!

i am particularly interested in seeing how you work your gain structure...  all of those effects must mount up. after chaining... but probably that's the part i can't see well.

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On 6/29/07, Krispen Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:
FYI, if you want to see under the hood of my max system, here is the image, with all the objects shown, the wiring, etc.



I added a really useful and fun component to my MAX/MSP looping rig, and wanted to see if anyone else was doing the same with your systems.

Basically, I added some signal re-routing code so that with a click of a button, the sound in my looper's buffer is re-routed back into my effect signal chain, so that I can do post-loop signal processing and manipulation.  For example, let's say I lay down a few loops with some basic effects. I hit the re-route button, set my instrument down, and then I can just sit back and use my effects as instruments to manipulate the loop output, playing with parameters with my MIDI controller pedals, etc.  I can also continue adding loops (effected loops of the original loops), or loop my live voice or instrument at the same time. I also added a section in my rig so that I can add any recorded wav file to my mix with a click of a button.
Anyway, I'm having loads of fun with the changes to my system, especially with be able to play wav files. I can record a catalogue of wav files with my uneffected voice or instrument, and then use it a raw content for looping fun on the airplane, hotel room, etc.
Here's how the system looks now.
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