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Pinhas in Portland, OR July, 1st (and Seattle,WA, July 3rd)

Hey Qua,

Pinhas, etc, will be at the Rotture here in Portland on Sunday, July  

I do not know the exact time he will hit the stage, but there are  
apparently 3 opening acts
and the first one starts around 9PM.  315 SE 3rd, near Stark St.  
(west of MLK Blvd)

I also do not know how much $ that the tix are, but I have heard they  
are quite rea$onable.

I am going to the Seattle show at the Sunset Tavern In Ballard on  
Tues, July, 3rd.
The always amazing experimental,etc, guitar artist Bill Horist is one  
of the opening acts there.
$10. Cheap!

I also go to Seattle where, most of my friends still live at least  
once a year anyway,
so the Pinhas gig was an excellent "excuse" to set a date for that  
trip on the 3rd.
(and stay for the always fun and HUGE fireworks displays that go on  
in Seattle on the 4th)

I would go to the Portland gig too, but won't be able to due to other  
which I WOULD HAVE CANCELLED if Pinhas were not also to be in  
Seattle! :-)

Enjoy the show!

-Rev. Fever

On Jun 29, 2007, at 8:16 AM, Qua Veda wrote:

> Sounds like a fabulous gig.  BTW, I recall a posting awhile back about
> Robert Pinhas performing in Portland,OR on July 1,  but can't find it.
> If this rings any bells, please re-post.
> Thanks
> -Qua