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TONIGHT: loopers Michael Manring, Barry Cleveland, Rick Walker, Robert Powell in Oakland, California

A last minute nudge in case anyone in the SF Bay Area is interested in 
coming to
see me play with Barry Cleveland (guitar),  Michael Manring (fretless bass)
and Robert Powell (pedal steel/lap steel/guitar) at the 21 Grand in 

We begin at 8:30 and the headliner is Robert Pinhas,  a very creative 
in a band that has the original drum from MAGMA (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, 
all you prog fans out there).

We're looking to explore a lot of odd and compound time signatures in our 
explorations and
all four of us will be doing some looping (in , hopefully , a tasteful 
the gig is not specifically a looping gig.

I know Bob Amstadt (Looperlative),  Bill Walker, and several others from 
list will be at the gig.

Please come on down and check it out.
21 Grand is located at 416 25th Street (@ Broadway) in Oakland. More 
information about the venue may be found here.

Oh, yeah,  and I'll be playing drumset,  exotic percussion and 
(loopy ones).

yours, Rick Walker