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Re: Laptops -dedicated to music only?

We shouldn't let this point go, and I appreciate Andy's data oriented mind 
here. I have yet to see any, even halfway objective figures that compare 
newer mac and pc performance when it comes to audio performance. It is 
important to have this to substantiate any general claims about each.  The 
thing is that to really substantiate a claim, it almost has to be based on 
specific comparison, the more the better, and then inferring or 
from that data. The validation should requires that as many things are as 
equal as possible between the two systems, so what is really left to have 
any varying factor on performance is the core notebook system (hardware) 
its OS. For instance, I would like to see a comparison of two systems, 
a notebook and mac with the same core duo processors/speeds, same amount 
RAM, same amount of disk space and speed, same audio app and interface, 
IO for the interface, same content used for the test, same ASIO or other 
driver from the app manufacture, and so on. There are many apps and audio 
interfaces that will work on both mac and pc, so a test of this sort is 


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Andy asked:
>> What would be nice though is some comparative figures of latency for 
>> mac and pc.