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Re: Laptops -dedicated to music only?

I agree on this one for the most part, and I even have a XP laptop. If you 
have a high performance laptop and it is up to date, I see no reason to 
optimize, unless you just like doing this thing. I think folks are getting 
too obessive/compulsive and hung up on this thing. I did some optimization 
on mine, but it wasn't to fix any problems.

I argued with tech support for hours yesterday over this, regarding the 
1616 cardbus I purchaed. Fors starters, my ThinkPad T60p worked fine right 
out of the box for running anything audio app I give it. All those OS 
running in the background, security, network, virus programs, automatic 
updaters, etc...I left it all, and I am still challenged to use the CPU 
capacity. It's a screamin' computer...resources are NOT the issue.

I was on tech support with a guy and he asked me to tell him how many 
processes I had running in the background, as if that could be a cause of 
ASIO driver/communition and latency issue. I asked "Why?".  Why would this 
all of a sudden be the issue just for this case, when this has never been 
the problem for all other hardware and apps I've run with success?  He 
continues to debate from his script card.

My laptop has 2gig of RAM, duo core 2Ghz processors, etc...it's not even 
getting close to using the CPU and memory resources to run the OS, and 
is with MAX running with tons of patches activated, etc. And of course, I 
concluded at the end of the day that it was the E-MU ASIO driver that was 
the problem, not my laptop or MAX. It's funny how your notebook can work 
perfectly fine with every other app and hardware, and then as soon as you 
have a problem with a particular system and manufacture, tech support 
assumes the issue is your laptop. It can't possibly be a problem with 
product! :)  So much for the process of elimination....apparenly that 
doesn't work with some tech support folk...they just go through their 
list of questions and procedure blindly.


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Subject: Re: Laptops -dedicated to music only?

> No. Why would that be necessary?
> I used to use a PowerBook G4 667MHz and didn't keep it reserved for
> music then, and it worked fine. Now I have a hugely more powerful
> MacBook Pro and see even less reason to keep it "just for music".
> I mean, really, what is there to "optimise"? It just works.
> cheers,
> os.
> On 27/06/07, Qua Veda <qua@oregon.com> wrote:
>> Question for those of you who use laptops.
>> Do you dedicate/optimize the laptop for use with music/audio/video only?
>> (i.e. ,  no email, finances, other personal apps that you might use on a
>> personal computer)
>> -Qua
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