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guitar rig, anybody?

dear fellow loopers,
i have experimented a bitty with native's guitar rig as a looper.
i built a rig with whammy bar-tremolo-looper-looper.
when looping in multiply overdub mode, ugly clicking appeared (probably some crossfade function missing, here).
it seems not possible to preprogram the looper's multiply overdub mode. switching it on occupies a whole switch on the midi pedal...
when driving the whammy pedal up and down octaves via midi, clicking occurred.
and wierdest of all: some of my playing got played back erratically a few seconds delayed...
wow, ghost in the machine!
(cpu usage was never over 25 %.
no, i did not accidentally switch on one of the loopers.)
anybody out there who tested guitar rig for looping?
anybody used it on stage, yet?
smooth looping - tilmann