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Re: rack mount Line mixer

My 2 cents,

The best mixer I've found for my own looping purposes is  the long 
out-of-production ROCKTRON G612.

12 chanels and 2 stereo FX send/returns and by puching a button you can 
turn the whole thing into 2 virtually separate 6-channel mixers with 2 
mono send/returns each.

Mine died a few years ago and I was forced to try to use something else 
(for general lack of availability of the G612s).

I now use an old ROLAND ME120 that suffers from the same flaw that the 
Rane suffers: 2 mono sends.

It's quiet and (so far) reliable though, and I've found ways of making it 

As long as I continue to loop with hardware it'll have a place in my rack.

The ROCTRON G612s were/are scarcer than hen's teeth, but there are still 
ROLAND ME120s around here and there.

I still have my G612 tucked away in it's original box.

Someday when I find someone who can fix it I will be a happy dude.


tEd ® kiLLiAn

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---- William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote: 
> I've been using a Rane Sm-82, 8 stereo channels, and a two in two out 
> effects return. I bought it off E-bay. A more affordable option is a Euro
> rack mixer from behringer. They make a one rack space model that is 
> to the rane but actually has a headphone out which the Rane does not. I'm
> very happy with the rane, though I'd like to get it modded like David 
> to have two independent effects sends.
> Bill