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Re: Project MRI is Now Complete - also on physical CD for cost

One last update on this new CD. I have a page for it on my own website, where you can buy the CD for cost (non-profit). Yes, cost, only $1.60 USD + shipping:
This is for folks who like to touch and feel the actual product.
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Hello all,
Since its original inception on December 18, 2005, this officially announces the completion of (CT) Collective - Project MRI.
All the songs on this project were based on a set of sample recordings of a real MRI machine. The artists manipulated the samples with various effects and audio software, using the output as their final composition, or using it as a backdrop for adding additional recorded tracks from various Instruments.
Thanks to all the participants for their hard work.

1. Krispen Hartung - "Astrophonic Dreams in the Tube" - 6-String mandolin, Lenovo ThinkPad T60p notebook computer (2.0GHz Intel core duo), Reaktor 5, Mobius live looping software, custom MAX/MSP generated VSTs

2. Adam Wimbush - "Par le descendeur d'esprit" - MP3 players, Tascam mixer, EFX Units, "closed loop" monitering/recording with Mac

3. Rizzia - "Mood"

4. Fastus - "Magic Ride" - Akai S5000 sampler, Korg Electrib R MKII, Cubase on PC, VSTs from Smartelectronix

5. Fabio Anile - "Landing on Waters" - Synth, real time looping, FXS on MRI sample

6. Tony K - "Doppler" - Cut up samples with Sound Forge and reassembled in Sonar, FX by Waves, and free VSTs

7. Rick Williamson - "Avant Candy" - iMac G3 400 mHz, MAX/MSP, Pluggo, Sound Hack, SonicWorx, Performer

8. Rick Walker - "May Resonance Increase" - Mac G4 800mGHz laptop computer, Windows XP PC (P4 2.4 GHz) desktop computer, FLStudio Producers Edition 5.0 software, Bias Peak software, Cycling 74 Pluggo and Hipno VST effects suites

Please feel free to add your comments at the site above. Thanks!
This project will also be made into a physical CD for manufacturing/shipping cost only (non-profit).  I will announce that in a few weeks.
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