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Re: rackmount line mixers

I have a Rolls RM65B mixer, it's a single space rackmount unit, it 
has a effects send but it's a mono send, stereo return.

Paul Haslem

Ontario, Canada

At 11:32 PM 6/26/2007, you wrote:
>I am finding myself frustrated in my search for a rackmount mixer for
>use with my Repeater. Ideally, I'd like to confine my gear to one box,
>airplane safe. Surely there are 1 or 2 space solutions that offer
>stereo inputs, and a stereo send? I have been lovingly accused of
>carting around a "yard sale" when I play. I like hardware but I don't
>want anymore hernias and I can't afford a laptop anyway. Am I doomed
>to continue this pattern?