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Over twenty or so years, I have aquired an awe-inspiring collection of 
on CD, cassette tape and records, including many rare items and bootlegs -
at last count I had around eighty titles scattered around the house.

For my loopers delight weekend assignment I chose to listen to a recently
released live set from the early seventies called "Imaginary Diseases",
released posthumously by his family cottage-industry with his son Dweezil
producing - The Dweez is an amazing guitarist in his own right, check out
some of the Zappa plays Zappa videos on youtube. Imaginary Diseases kicks
serious amounts of gluteous, particulary the tracks "Been to Kansas City in
A Minor" - let that classically Zappaesque double-entendre seep in a moment
- and "D.C. Boogie" with not one but two stupendous Zappa solos. The title
track is also an otherwise unreleased instrumental little gem.

Uncle Frank was an American treasure; equal parts serious composer, social
and political critic, and vaudevillian band leader. His productivity,
intellect and wit are still unrivalled in modern music history. Libertarian
to the core, he fought his whole life against censorship, conformity,
religion, timidity and stupidity - and had a whole heck of a lot of fun
doing it! What an inspirational human.

Thanks for the assignment.