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Re: [Bulk] Re: Boomerang - Rang III (?)

"Midi does not only mean "SYNC" or "PC connectivity" but also "expandable".
With so much functions, it might be useful to add a midi footcontroller.
6 loops * 3 layers with Undo, half speed, reverse, loop extend (is that multiply?), merge,... and all the classical rec, stop, overdub, ... pedals. It seems a lot of function for a 5 (?) pedal board.
To me this is a fascinating subject Ben because it's perhaps a chance for me to understand greater possibilities from a different perspective . Can you give me a scenario where you as a musician might actually utilize the midi/usb facility of a floor controlled looper to accomplish an integral function with respect to your performance that could not be accomplished without the midi/usb facility with respect to this particular device?
Of course I am not asking if you can do just anything additional like tweaking, that would be asinine. I am certainly not some anti perversionist on a useless campaign to stamp out a lack of musical purity. I would be the most guilty witch at the stake if that were the case. What I am asking is more so specifically why a single or primary instrument toting musician would need "more" from a device that is designed to specifically do one thing, namely to sample "on spot" phrases & manipulate them on the fly?
I guess my logic may honestly be getting in the way here. In this sense however I seem to define various devices for their most valuable & efficient capability to me as a musician. With respect to this line of thinking I would sight the following logical choices or decisive similarities.
Why would a musician insist on using a mouse to control their laptop's DAW when they can liberally accomplish a great deal more with respect efficiency and musical addition by using a midi controller of their choice during performance?
Why would a musician use a drum machine when VSTI modules like RMX make them archaic and clumsy at best?
Why would a musician try to turn a basic floor controlled phrase sampler into a load storing sequencer?
Why would a musician bring 20 basses & 20 effect boxes to a gig when all you need is two (one for back up) as long as you use a quality midi synth module?
Why would a bassist tote around an SVT system to render a big powerful mono low frequency signal when you could choose a quality powered PA, having true stereo for any number of instruments/devices within their performance repertoire?  

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