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Re: Zappa


 i'mnot mainly a guitarist, mostly keyboards(old
synths) and engineering. ButI too Really enjoy the
Shut up and play your guitar stuff, although I only
have 2 albums worth. Funny on Sleep Rats there is a
cut that is almost the same format exept at the end
where Frank says, gettin tired? and the other fellow
says, my fingers got stuck. Great stuff, I don't have
near enough Zappa albums so you guys out there feel
free to put me in your will.

--- Daryl Shawn <highhorse@mhorse.com> wrote:

> I love "Shut Up n' Play Yer Guitar" so, so very
> much. I'm generally not 
> much for rock guitar-solo oriented albums, so it's
> always kinda 
> surprising for me that I have great affection for a
> double-cd set which 
> is NOTHING but guitar solos.
> It makes a great argument for improvisation being
> instant composition.
> Daryl Shawn
> www.swanwelder.com
> www.chinapaintingmusic.com

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