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Re: 2880 footswitch

While the original 16 second delay used a  simple 
resistive divider to send different control 
voltages to the control a/d in the unit, the 2880 
uses a microcontroller in the footswitch to send 
serial data.

It would be impossible to construct your own 
without programming the proper codes into the 


>On 6/24/07, Jesús Manzanares <slipi.yo@gmail.com> wrote:
>>i just bought a 2880 and don't want to spend 100¤ on a footswitch which 
>>doing nothing for my sound. IZve been told the fottswitch for 16 sec 
>>and hog are the same but with different graphics on it. is there any
>>reliable source of an schematic round there that anyone is aware of??
>I have the 16 sec delay footswitch and I took it apart to see how it
>works.  I didn't spend a lot of time on it, but there is more to it
>than just resistors and capacitors.  Probably best to just buy the
>real thing from EHX...