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Re: mobius vst question

man, thanx a lot for your mails. i remember we had some email contact 
about the fireworx and the ewi.

i am fiddling around with native's guitar rig 2 at the moment. seems to be 
rather simple version of "looping plus fx". all in one stand alone program.
guitar rig two has a looper (with a multiply function - horray! the edp 
finally changed the world.
little baby steps...).
i still have to check out the posibilities of opening a chain of loopers.
after opening three of them, a kind of ducking occurred on the later loops.
the first one seemed pretty stable. well, i'll tell you more when i gain 
more info.

here is what i do right now:

contrabass flute into digitech's vocal 300 into DL4 into EH 2880.
so i can have a delay/chorus/flanger/pitcher, make a short loop in DL, 
reverse it or half speed it and record this (while adding something else) 
into the 2880.
i can add more layers in the 2880 and play around with individual levels.
now i can record a new thing into DL4 and use it for a transition/ending.

as you can see, i use the loopers on a pretty low level. although i own an 
edp, i have not used it up to know.
(never disturb a running system).

all the best - tilmann

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Subject: Re: mobius vst question

> On 23 jun 2007, at 12.19, Tilmann Dehnhard wrote:
>> hello fellow loopers, after looping with hardware loopers for a  long 
>> time, i want to try first steps with a laptop setup.
>> here is what i want to do:
>> play through a chain of vsts into mobius. control the vsts and  mobius 
>> via fcb1010.
>> (as far as i understand, mobius can not host vsts, etc. is that  right?)
> Yes.
>>  do i need a host program?
> Yes.
>> i have ableton live. i tried mobius as a vst and it shows up as a  vst 
>> but doesn't make a sound.
> You have to pipe the audio stream from your audio interface input  into 
> Mobius. Regard Ableton Live as a mixer.
>> would you use ableton live or a different program?
> I was usinig Ableton in the past but now I prefer Bidule for two  
> (1) Letting me use 16 alternative effect chains pre looper  with no 
> CPU load and (2) perfect sync with tempo dependent  effects and Mobius 
> used as the sync master to set the global tempo by  the first loop 
> recorded (Ableton tends to loos sync when run as the  sync slave).
>>  about the fcb1010: i would like the buttons 1-7 to react like the 
>> original edp buttons.
> 1. Make sure your FCB pedals only send out one MIDI Note each  (default 
> sending out a cluster of events).
> 2. Assign the pedals you want to use to the Mobius functions you want  
> use (MIDI learn in Mobius, very easy).
> Since you are familiar with the EDP I suggest you simply read the  
> manual and locate the functions corresponding to the function  you are 
> used to with the EDP and duplicate your trusty old EDP set- up. Then you 
> can expand it piece by piece as you go into the brave  new future.
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
> www.boysen.se (Swedish)
> www.looproom.com (international)