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Re: randomness

I'm with you. Since converting to max, I have been experimenting with all 
sorts of random behaviors in my patches. It's a wonderful thing.  With 
pitch, I like to make pitch change random, but use one expression pedal to 
change how fast the random pitch changes, and another to define the range 
pitch (-24 to =24, etc). I'm doing this with modulation, ringmod, granular 
effects, etc, etc. I can setup my entire system so that patches are turned 
on and off randomly.


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Subject: randomness

> Randomness is one of the main reasons I started programming my own 
> software.
> While it was the imp of the perverse that made me choose that Marley  
> at BEMF - I often use the many random functions in Kenaxis to  surprise 
> myself. You can setup files from a chosen folder to play in  a random 
> order at random times, hit one key and your files change  randomly, hit 
> another key and all of your pitch and loop points  change randomly. You 
> can also setup random processes so that things  are constantly changing 
> you in random but controlled ways.
> Taming randomness and making it musical is one of my favorite 
> undertakings. For me it is a way to vary the static loop based  approach 
> into something a bit more exciting - in particular when  using 
> sound files.
> Stefan