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Re: mobius vst question

On 23 jun 2007, at 12.19, Tilmann Dehnhard wrote:

> hello fellow loopers, after looping with hardware loopers for a  
> long time, i want to try first steps with a laptop setup.
> here is what i want to do:
> play through a chain of vsts into mobius. control the vsts and  
> mobius via fcb1010.
> (as far as i understand, mobius can not host vsts, etc. is that  
> right?)


>  do i need a host program?


> i have ableton live. i tried mobius as a vst and it shows up as a  
> vst but doesn't make a sound.

You have to pipe the audio stream from your audio interface input  
into Mobius. Regard Ableton Live as a mixer.

> would you use ableton live or a different program?

I was usinig Ableton in the past but now I prefer Bidule for two  
reasons: (1) Letting me use 16 alternative effect chains pre looper  
with no extra CPU load and (2) perfect sync with tempo dependent  
effects and Mobius used as the sync master to set the global tempo by  
the first loop recorded (Ableton tends to loos sync when run as the  
sync slave).

>  about the fcb1010: i would like the buttons 1-7 to react like the  
> original edp buttons.

1. Make sure your FCB pedals only send out one MIDI Note each  
(default is sending out a cluster of events).
2. Assign the pedals you want to use to the Mobius functions you want  
to use (MIDI learn in Mobius, very easy).

Since you are familiar with the EDP I suggest you simply read the  
Mobius manual and locate the functions corresponding to the function  
you are used to with the EDP and duplicate your trusty old EDP set- 
up. Then you can expand it piece by piece as you go into the brave  
new future.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)