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AW: Zappa, and homework for the weekend.

I did my homework in advance when some weeks (or months) ago I decided to
transfer my complete Zappa collection to MP3 and compiled a CD with some
"Best of" selections to listen to in the car...

As for the ongoing discussions and suggestions:

The funny thing about the ycdtosa2 is the fucked-up bass drum track, for
which reason the distorted bass drum sound was used to trigger a
early-90ies-dance-style bass drum sound which doesn't fit into the mix at
all ;). But it's not as horrific as the work done on the CD release of
Cruising with Rubens & The Jets, where the new (eighties-style) drums and
bass tracks replaced the original ones - that's why I have a vinyl copy of
that album.

My personal favourites: Zappa in New York and The Best Band You Never Heard
In Your Life. Honorable mention goes to Roxy&Elsewhere, YCDTOSA5 and some
bootleg from a Saarbrücken '78 show (Vinnie Colaiuta is unbelievable on 

About Mark's reference to "Whipping Floss" - the highlight here is the 
me a few bars of it and then maybe we play with you" - (audience member
sings some falsetto notes) - "Judging from the way you sang it, it must be 
John Cage composition".
And there's that great (heavily edited) medley of Montana/Brown Moses/That
Evil Prince on YCDTOSA4 - the guitar solo on the last tune must be Zappa's
best ever (perhaps together with the FZINY recording of The Illinois Enema

Re great videos on youtube (or google video in that case): just stumbled
upon some Barcelona '88 footage. It's unbelievable how Zappa sounds when he
tries to speak Spanish - I mean, he lived in California! Don't these
Americans ever learn a single (foreign) language in their lifes?


        So, for the good of all your loopy heads, I want all of you to
listen to a Frank Zappa album this weekend, or maybe just a song, or check
out all the great old videos on YouTube. Report back on Monday with what 
listened to and your impressions of said music. It will be good for you.