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Re: Really OBSCURE inquiry ( I FOUND IT! )

You know I was gonna SAY Richard Landry, but I never knew that he toured the country in his pinto and thought you must be talking about somebody else. He toured with Laurie Anderson in the 80s. Check out her concert movie "Home Of The Brave".

On 6/22/07, Rev Fever <revfever@ubergadget.com> wrote:
FINALLY, I FOUND IT!   RICHARD LANDRY is his name!  Also known as Dickie Landry,

Here are some snipped tidbits about him that I also located. There is more about his astounding career than I had realized. Enjoy!

OK. I can SLEEP now....! :-)

-Rev. Fever



'In his performances of the 1970s, Landry pioneered the use of a quadraphonic delay system that allowed him to perform as a live quintet from his solo performance, combining his voice with four time-delayed repeats. As a founding member of the Phillip Glass Ensemble, he was active in the experimental music movement of the '70s and early '80s.'

'"I became involved with sound/image experimentation with Keith Sonnier. The tapes deal with the source of the sound: the lips, the hands, the instrument itself." 
—Richard Landry'


Mr. Richard Landry

Jazzman  Dickie Landry plays his ìown kindî of sax. When Dickie has to play he has to play and people such as Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Paul Simon, The Phillip Glass Ensemble, Laurie Anderson and The Talking Heads have reaped the rewards of his unique styling. He is also considered a pioneer of conceptual art and installations, having worked with Richard Serra, Gordon Matte-Clark and Rauschenberg in the early 60s.

Born in Cecelia, Louisiana, Dickie is still revered there as the man who can do it all and fix any problem. At 68 years old he is rarely seen on any given night without his sax, wandering the Lafayette streets and sitting in with everyone. He plays saxophone for Lilí Band Oí Gold. 


'In the process the Philip Glass Ensemble was established: Gibson was joined in the wind section by Dickie Landry, Richard Peck, Jack Kripl and Richard Prado; later keyboard players included Steve Chambers and Michael Riesman, who was also to conduct many of Glass's works.  '


On 6/21/07, Rev Fever < revfever@ubergadget.com> wrote:
A shot in the dark here, I realize, but back in the very 80's (or
even late 70's?) in Austin Texas, there was an interesting musician
who was a sax player
  and who did these LONG sax jams a la loops (and?).

I am trying to remember this guy's name after MANY years, and keeping
drawing a blank.
I think(?) his first name was either Richard or Dickey, (OR...?) but
I don't remember now?

The other "interesting" thing about him was that he got sent to
prison for marijuana, for mere possession or sales, I have no idea,
but I DO know that the laws for ANY weed involvement there were HARSH
and the sentences could very potentially be VERY LONG.
But that is another subject entirely and I do not wish to get into.

I just want to know more about him and what became of him and / or if
there is anything about on the web (OR...?), or if any recordings he
did survive,etc?


-Rev Fever