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Re: laptops and performance

RICK WALKER schrieb:
> If the performance (and musician) is not so important and only the
> music is, why will people NOT pay to go see a show where you just put
> your latest recording on with a fantastic sound system?

In France there is a well known festival/competition in Bourges 
dedicated mostly to pure tape music. (The term tape is used for 
completely prerecorded/produced in the studio). And at GRM they have a 
special loudspeaker orchestra to play this kind of music. In this case 
it will be mixed live, but the performer is not on stage and out of 
focus for the audience.
This tradition exists since more than 50 years...

I do like a lot of this music, but its not my "thing"... I am more 
interested in the connection between audience and musician, a very 
personal preference for my own stuff...


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