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Re: New to looping again!!!! no doubt

What he said.  I always keep dedicated hardware effects pre Mobius and often post process the loop with software.  Sometimes, when I'm feeling naughty, I'll preprocess my signal with a vst too.

On Jun 21, 2007, at 4:12 PM, Michael Plishka wrote:

Welcome aboard!  Cool stuff by the way.  Depends what you want to accomplish?. Putting it after the effects is, at least in my opinion, a little more predictable but it forces you to be cleaner to account for echoes, etc.  If you do it before then it may be cleaner but every change in effects will show up in every loop. That's fine if you want it but I routinely change effects during songs. IF you can afford another one you can do it in both places ;-)

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Subject: New to looping again!!!! no doubt

Hello to everyone. I am new to looping and have a shiny new Boss Rc2.
I am going to use this with my guitar and effects, and also with my 5 string electric violin.
If you have heard Ed-alleyne Johnson you will know where I am heading with the fiddle.
KT Tunstall is where I am going with the guitar.
My first question to help me get started is where in my effects chain do I put the thing!!!!
Do I create the loops clean then process with distortion/delay/chorus etc after the looper, or do I loop the already processed sound, or a bit of both.
Try this link to get an idea of what I am trying to acheive with the fiddle.
Thanks all
John, and son Cailean (only 14 but a better musician than me LOL)

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