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Re: 2 new pictures

On 22 jun 2007, at 00.58, Tim Nelson wrote:

> Nice!
> If Roger Dean had done the set design for Antonioni's
> 'Blow Up', it would have looked a lot like this!

A DJ did all that decoration and lightening. It was a beautiful  
venue, an old fire brigade station.

> How was the festival?

To us artists it became more of "a seminar" that a festival since we  
were talking so much, for more than a week, about what everyone was  
doing, and how. Learned a lot and initiated some new future collab's.  
Can't post everything, but the final show was excellent: Last Refuge  
For The Senses (San Fran...) did their multi media show Noise Hippies  
Against All War. Throat singing and violin playing over a sinus tone  
back track led into an hour of deafening 16 mm film with computer  
music live performance. By the end the film projection engineer  
"played the 16 mm projector" with his hands, making light images by  
moving different lenses in and out. I did not see exactly what he was  
doing to the machine because I didn't want to miss the result that  
was happening on the big screen.