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Re: Ich bin eine Nervensäge (Was: The Artist's Right To Be Boring)

Hi Mark, and all!

  Mark said "On the other hand, I love playing with other musicians... just not on 
stage.  Last time I jammed on stage with other musicians (Rick and 
Bill Walker) I couldn't hear our monitors at all and as it turned out 
I was screamingly loud compared to them (as reported by my friends).   "

I think everyone gets to this state at some point in there playing experience...  We are currently experimenting with those cellphone bluetooth earpieces to see if they will work as wireless monitors.  We found a bluetooth usb dongle and wait for them to come in.  Our hopes are we can eliminate some floor monitors in the studio and give more room for musicians.  On the playing out side of things here in WV there isn't much cash for moving your equipment to a club and performing unless you have a large audience but the clubs are small and the doormen are not that honest with the cash.... I'm sure everyone has experienced these or worse conditions, We hope to start house parties again like the old atlantic records, podcast it and possibly make some cash with the video/audio recordings of the party..... or at least pay the rent....