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Re: RC50 Question about Expression and Controller Sharing

I don't think that will work, but you can always try it and see...
I think it's a TRS jack which senses what kind of info is coming in.

I wish it had a separate expression input too... or even 2 or 3 would  
be nice...

Teddy a.k.a. anybody

On Jun 21, 2007, at 5:15 AM, Randolf Arriola wrote:

> I have a question for fellow RC50 users out there regarding the  
> "EXP/Ctrl 3,4 Pedal Jack".
> Will it work if I were to connect an expression pedal and assign it  
> as I currently do that is to control the volume of each of the 3  
> phrases and also share the same "Exp/Ctrl 3,4 jack" with a y cord  
> for 2 temporary switches to activate Control 3 and Control 4  
> Functions?
> I currently use the Cntl1 for switching the Overdub Mode and Cntl2  
> for "Current Clear"
> Anbody please?