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Re: Quick live looper feedback please

Well, I appreciate the commenst and I dont mind if you send some players my way, absolutley. I mainly bought the looper to play blues becasue my guitar style is more lead playing which was hard to do as a solo acoustic as Im just not that good at fingerstyle blues. You ask about my methods, so Ill try to explain it for you and your friends. Basically I have a behrigner mixer, vox amp,ibanez electric,ovation acoustic and my boss rc-20 xl loop station. With the rc-20xl it has a guide and I just use the steady kick that it has just a different speeds.  So i pick a song I wanna do,kinda hum it in my head then tap out the rythmn speed on my pedal, so now i have a steady kick going. Now if its a standard I !V V blues, I start recording the whole phrase all the measures. Now that I have a kick and now my main chord structure going, I solo a little over it till it gets to where the measure starts again. Now i switch my DOD eefects pedal to a preset that Ive pitch detuned down 12 steps to emulate a bass sound. I hit record again and now I lay my bass down all the way to start  of loop again. Then I start singing and it just takes off from there. Real easy especially for the blues, noone even notices I dont have full drums, but I could easliy hook up my ipod with some drum tracks or a mic to do some percussion, I just havent got there yet. It works very convincily and enhances my solo performances 10 fold now. I love it. Any other questions or to clarify, please feel free to ask.

tEd kiLLiAn <tedkillian@charter.net> wrote:

Thanks for sharing. Very well performed, heartfelt and authentic sounding tunes.
If you're using looping technology to do it, I know of several other blues dudes
who would like to pick your brain.

I have friends who play blues and other forms of "normal" music who are facinated
by the possibilities of the technology, but are totally afraid that if they buy a looper
and start trying to use it they will somehow morph into some sort of weirdo,
non-blues, not quite normal, or avant garde sort of musician.

Try as I may, I cannot totally convince them that the technolgy is neutral and they
won't wind up like me -- playing avant mutant music from some other not quite normal
planet. Heheheh.

I may direct a few of these people to your site to check you out if you don't mind.
It would be helpful if you described your method a bit on the site (or elaborate
on it in this forum) to help them understand what it is you're doing.

Whenever I try to explain how easy it COULD be, they take one look at my monster
rack and their eyes glaze over. Heheh. I can hardly blame 'em.

Think of it as a mission field . . . or ministry of sorts..


tEd kiLLiAn

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