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Re: Quick live looper feedback please

Ray: Great stuff. High energy and a roots-like, traditional blues sound. And fresh
at the same time. Lyrics really grab the listener. Did you write all these songs?
Guessing that you got the rhythm and lead tones from the same guitar -- both
are spot-on. Do you bi-amp? What kind of guitar and drum machine? Keep
making this wonderful music. Your audience is going to grow and grow.

Thanks for sharing.

Houston, Texas

At 02:32 AM 6/20/2007, you wrote:
hello, my name is Ray and I use the stage name" da bluez preacher". My niche has been to create classic and original blues songs live using my guitar and boss rc-20 xl loop pedal. Ive had great feedback from live shows, now I would like to get some live loopers feedback on my tunes. You can find them at http://www.mp3.com/srv4uconacher  All of the songs are 100 percent done with my guitar and loop pedal. Please leave feedback, thanks for your time.

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