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Repeater 2.01 upgrade update

I'm learning all the new stuff for my show on Saturday.
Here's quick update on how Repeater 2.01 is working for me:

Things I've used:
- So far, I really like the "sticky" settings. Meaning my PAN  
settings stick across loops.
- Also the ability to set loop length and time signature in advance.  
It makes everything "gel" better, especially if you're working in 6  
or 3. I'm reprogramming my foot pedal to add that to my songs.
- Erase individual tracks via midi - huge. Again, re-programming foot  
pedal for that one.
- Panic button message. Haven't had to use it yet, but I'm sure I  
will. I usually power down at least once in a performance because my  
second Repeater gets "stuck" in NOT READY. When that happens I can't  
stop, can't record, can't erase. The only solution is to power down.
- Midi channel selection in the utility menu - yup. like that one a lot.

Things I want to use but haven't gotten to yet:
- Loop multiply. manual says you can tell the Repeater how many times  
to multiply by. That would be great because I screw this one up  
onstage all the time by multiplying one time too many. Haven't  
wrapped my brain around the description of how to do it in the manual  

Issues so far:
- Something is weird with my tempos. Loop and computer have the same  
tempo, but the Repeater is off. Its possible there is some adjustment  
I need to make for the new software. Just haven't figured out what it  
is yet. Working on it...
- Some midi commands are occasionally ignored. Midi light flashes,  
and I can see the message being sent via MidiMonitor. Sending it  
twice, does the trick. Trying to see if there are only specific midi  
messages where this occurs. Early days...