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Re: Re: still on the interface quest...

Excellent. I'm glad to hear this. This will get me by until I buy a mac in 
January. then I'll have two laptops, one as a backup. My Thinkpad T60p now 
has a dual cardbus (PCMCIA) & Express Card slot. Too bad no one makes a 
breakout box for the express card.


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From: "rabbirabbifive"
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2007 12:05 PM
Subject: Re: Re: still on the interface quest...

>I have the 1616m and can recommend it.  Not a spot of trouble and it
> blew away my old m-audio 410 in sound quality.  It will work without
> the interface box too, as a way of getting fast asio into your laptop.
> As for future proof, well, I run it now in my desktop via a pci to
> pcmcia interface.  There are enough pcmcia cards out there that I'm
> sure there are or will be adaptors for firewire, pci express etc.  So
> you'll be good for a few years yet...and after that, just buy a used
> laptop for cheap and use it in that as a backup machine or for running
> soft synths.
> -rabbi